Lublin Hops, 1 oz Pellet (Poland)

Lublin Hops, 1 oz Pellet (Poland)
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3.8% alpha

Basic characteristics: Noble aroma hop. Renowned variety in brewing world. Low Alpha. Used for light bittering, flavoring, aroma and dry hopping. Very well known and popular with Belgian brewers. Widely believed to belong to the SAAZ family.  It is grown in Poland since 1964. Pure original Polish thoroughbred.

Aroma: Excellent aroma profile, mild. Spicy, slightly flowery. Slightly less spicy than SAAZ without the cinnamon like flavor.
            Substitute: SAAZ, Tettneng, Spalt, Hersbrucker, Liberty, Sterling, Santiam, Ultra, Crystal.
Bittering: Low bittering potential. Clean, crisp bitterness character. Great in beers whenlow bitterness, but hearty dose of hops in needed.
             Substitute: Hersbrucker, SAAZ, Tettnang,Tradition, Hallertauer, Mt Hood, Glacier.

Beer styles suggestions:

              Ales: Sweet Stout, Stout, Belgian: Brown, Dubbel, Strong, White, Lambic. Scottish: Light, Strong, Heavy and Export. English: Strong, Brown, Mild.
              Lagers:Pilsners. Dunkle. US: Dark, Light, Premium, Dry
Flavor: Very pleasant, delicate.
              Ales: Robust Porter, Brown Porter . Belgian: Brown, Dubbel, Strong, White. English: Bitter, Strong, Brown, Mild. Scottish: Light, Strong,  Heavy and Export. Kolsch, Cream Ale.
              Lagers: Pilsner: Classic, Bohemian. Bock: Helles, Maibock, Dunkles, Doppelbock, Eisbock. Dunkle, Schwarzbier, Dortmunder, Viena, Octoberfest, Marzen, Altbier,. US: Dark, Light, Premium, Dry.
Aroma: Distinctive, very refreshing character. Excellent in classic and free style pilsners. One of  the best hops in many premium lagers. Elegant in many ales.
              Ales: Robust Porter, Brown Porter.  Belgian: Strong, White. English: Mild, Brown, Strong, Bitter, Scottish: Light, Strong, Heavy and Export. Kolsch, Cream Ale.
              Lagers: Pilsner: Classic, Bohemian. Bock: Maibock. Dunkle, Schwarzbier, Viena, Octoberfest, Marzen, Dortmunder. US: Dark, Light, Premium, Dry.
Dry hopping: Excellent.
Other beers: Wheat (Weisse, Weizen)-bittering, flavor, aroma. Fruit- bittering, flavor. 
Alpha Acids (Humulone, Co-Humulone, Ad-Humulone)(% w/w): 3.8

Beta Acids (Lupulone, Co-Lupulone, Ad-Lupulone)(% w/w): 8-10

Packaged with O2 asorbing packet, remove before use

want larger amounts, you can also get it in 4 oz and 1lb packages and save!

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