Classic Liquors Kit - Sambuca

Classic Liquors Kit - Sambuca
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Sambuca - Usually associated with French Anisette, or Italian Sambuca, this pungent liqueur has a long history.  References to anise drinks have been found in a number of Latin texts, and anise cordials were used medicinally aboard ships.  The name originated with the Moors who called it "Zambur."  The flavor is derived from the essential oils of anise and fennel.

In addition to your kit you will need two one-gallon glass jugs, clear is preferred but amber will do.  Also needed is a legth of clear plastic syphon hose equipped with a clamp, an airlock and bung to fit on top of your jug, water and cane sugar.

Produces a gallon of classic liquor in just three weeks.  Ferments up to 40 proof alcohol.  


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