Classic Liquors Kit - Orange Brandy

Classic Liquors Kit - Orange Brandy
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Orange Brandy - This is one of the most widely enjoyed liqueurs in the world.  In the 1850s, Edouard Cointreau, stopped off at the island of Curacao in the Caribbean.  He came across a native bitter orange that grew there.  After tests and blends with sweet oranges and other ingredients, Triple Sec was introduced in France and was an instant hit.


In addition to your kit you will need two one-gallon glass jugs, preferably clear but amber will do, a length of clear plastic syphon hose equipped with a clamp, an airlock and bung to fit on top of your jug, water and cane sugar.


The kit produces a gallon of a classic liquor in just three weeeks.  Ferments up to 40 proof alcohol.


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