Glacier Hops,4oz Pellet (US)

Glacier Hops,4oz Pellet (US)
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Glacier Hops is a balanced dual purpose hops. Its composure lends itself to many applications in many styles of beers. Glacier's alpha acid rating averages around 5.5% and its flavor and aroma profile are suitable for both English and American style ales. It contains moderate humulene, myrcene, and caryolphllene oils, all in good balance. The aroma has citrus notes, and hints of fruit, as well as an herby and woody aroma. The bitterness is active and satisfying.

Glacier Hops triumphs on its ability for high yields ranging from 2400 - 2600 lbs/acre. Medium compact bulbs grow at a moderate pace until they are ready for harvest mid-season. Glacier's only strife is its ability to ward off mildew, the plague of the beer community. However, this new variety has taken hold, and will continue to win over some brewer's in the future. Look out for it, and try it out when you can.


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