Magnum Hops, 4oz Pellets (Germany)

Magnum Hops, 4oz Pellets (Germany)
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Basic characteristics: High Alpha, mainly bittering, very efficient. Some potential as dual-purpose hop. Good aroma. Used for bittering, flavoring, aroma and sometimes for dry hopping in moderation.  

Aroma: Pleasant, not very distinctive, slightly spicy.
           Substitute: Horizon, Northern Brewer.
Bittering: Very assertive, clean, pleasant, not lingering, without any off flavors or aroma.
           Substitute: Nugget, Northern Brewer, Perle, Chinook.

Beer styles suggestions:

Bittering: Clean and neutral. Distinct from other high Alpha varieties.
             Ales: Stout, Imperial Stout, Barley Wine, IPA, Robust Porter. US: Pale Ale, Brown. English: ESB, Pale Ale, English: Old-Strong. Scottish: Old-Strong.
             Lagers: Pilsners. Dunkle, Schwarzbier, Altbier. California Common.
Flavor: Neutral, pleasant.
             Ales: Imperial Stout, US Brown. Barley Wine, IPA. English: Old-Strong. Scottish: Old-Strong
             Lagers: California Common.
Aroma: Not very distinctive.
             Ales: Barley Wine, US Brown. 
             Lagers: California Common
Dry hopping: Rarely used. English: Pale Ale.
Other beers: Wheat (Weisse, Weizen)-bittering.

Alpha Acids (Humulone, Co-Humulone, Ad-Humulone)(% w/w): 14.4%

Beta Acids (Lupulone, Co-Lupulone, Ad-Lupulone)(% w/w): 5-7%


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