FT Blanc Soft Tannin 1oz

FT Blanc Soft Tannin 1oz
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FT Blanc Soft Tannin

White, Rosé, Red, Fruit, Cider, Mead

Oxidation protection and mouthfeel enhancement for white wine

Scott’TanTM FT Blanc Soft is similar to FT Blanc in applica­tion but wines made with it are also characterized by soft­ness and improved mouthfeel. White and rosé wines made with FT Blanc Soft have enhanced texture with a percep­tion of sweetness on the palate. Even relatively small dosages can contribute to minerality in wines. Similar improvements can be seen in fruit and mead wines.

To Use: Add FT Blanc Soft directly on the grapes at the crusher. It can also be added to the juice or wine during a tank mixing. Good homogenization is important. If an addition of FT Blanc Soft is made post-fermentation, we recommend waiting 3-6 weeks after the tannin addition before racking, fining, filtering or bottling.

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