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7 X 7 plastic Cheese Mat
7 X 7 plastic Cheese Mat ..
800g Hard Cheese Mould and Pressing Plate
Heavy duty mold, with pressing plate. 5" across and 5 1/2 high.  ..
Air Still Companion Pack
This is a companion pack for the Turbo Air Still. Contains: 2.5 Gal Table top Fermenter, Gra..
Calcium Chloride Liquid 50ml
Adding it to pasteurized and/or homogenised milk you buy from a shop helps restore calcium balanc..
Camembert / Blue Cheese Mould
Camembert / Blue Cheese Mould ..
Caprino Mould
Caprino Mould ..
Feta Cheese Mould and 950ml container
 Feta Cheese Mould and 950ml container ..
Flori Danica Culture 3pk (Aromatic Mesophilic)
Used in making Camembert, Blue Cheese and Gouda. Three packets, each is enough for 2 gallons of m..
Kerry FermCap S 0.5 oz.
Kerry FermCap S A concentrated defoamer for use in fermenters.  Tired of blow off h..
Large ricotta Container and Basket
4" X 4.5"  Cheese Mould ..
Mixed Herbs 2oz
Mixed Herbs are dried and choped leaves of sage, thyme, marjoram and sweet basil. eilther layer i..
Penicillium Camemberti Culture 3pk
For Camembert and other white mold ripened cheeses. Contains three packets, each packet is enough..
Penicillium Roquerforti Culture 3pk
For blue ripened cheeses. Contains three packets, each packet is enough for 2 gallons of milk. ..
Small Cheese Mould
Small Cheese Mould ..
Small Ricotta Container and Basket
Small Ricotta Container and Basket. Measures 4" across the top, 3 1/2" high, ..
Square Feta Mould
4" X 4" X 3.5" Cheese Mould ..
Blue Cheese Wrap
10 Sheets of foil Blue Cheese wrap. Measures 12 X 12. Comes with 10 adhesive labels. ..
EVA Plastic Coating
400g bottle. Protects hard cheeses by preventing spoilage and minimizing moisture loss while matu..
Large White Wrap
16.5 X 16.5 White cheese wrap. Micor perforated to allow you cheese to breath while aging.  ..
Wax Paper
10 Sheets of heavy duty waxed paper, not like the kind you find in the grocery store. Measures 19..
White Wrap
9 X 9 white wrap. Micro perforated wrap to allow your cheese to breath while aging. 10 sheets wit..
3ml pipette to accurately measure very small quanities of liquid.     ..
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