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Scales, thermometors, hydrometors, Ph meters and accessories.

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10" Plastic Hydrometer test Jar
10" Plastic Hydrometer test Jar. Do not use plastic for high alcohol, it will break. ..
1000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
Perfect for yeast starters.  Can be put on an open flame.  Accommodates the No. 7 rubbe..
12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar
12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar. Use this for high alcohol testing, plastic will crack and break. ..
2000ml Erlenyeyer Flask
Perfect for yeast starters.  Can be put on open flame.  Accommodates the #9 1/2 rubber ..
500 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
Perfect for yeast starters.  Can be put on an open flame. Comes with rubber stopper. ..
Acid test kit Color Solution 1/2oz
Phenolphthalein, 1/2oz  This must be shipped UPS, this chemical is not allowed to be shi..
Acid Testing Kit
Good acid balance is important in winemaking in order to ensure good flavor and keeping qualities..
ANVIL 1/2 inch NPT Thermometer
ANVIL Brand 1/2" NPT Thermometer Features: Dual Unit Scales: 45 - 220 F and 7 - 104 C, Easy t..
ANVIL 1/2 inch weldless thermometer
ANVIL Brand 1/2" Weldless Thermometer Features a large 3" dial face, dual unit scales: 45 to ..
ANVIL Digital Scale - Small
ANVIL Brand Small Digital Scale   High precision digital scale, perfect for accur..
Big Daddy Dial Thermometer
Dial face with easy to read numbers.  12" long probe makes it easy to take temperature readi..
Brewers Best Floating Thermometer
Range 0-110 C, or 20-212 F. 10". ..
Checker 1 pH Test Kit
Simple meter that provides fast and accurate pH measurement.  Uses replaceable pH electrode ..
Digital Thermometer with Probe
Hand held; temperature range -58-+392 F, -50-200 C. ..
Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Adhesive backing for attaching to outside of plastic or glass containers for accurate inside read..
Simply dip once for a quick sample.  Unique design allows you to insert a standard hydromete..
Floating Thermometer
Scale 0-220 F, 0-115 C. 11.5" ..
Foam Stopper for 1000 & 2000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask
Perfect for yeast starters.  This foam product is made specifically for filtation.  1 3..
Glass Test Jar with Bumpers
14" high w/ plastic foot & collar to prevent breakage. Great for alcohol testing. ..
Glass Wine Thief 12"
Glass Wine Thief 12" ..
Laboratory Thermometer
Milwaukee MW102 pH & Temperature Meter
The Milwaukee MW102 is a hand-held, battery operated pH & temperature meter with a remote pro..
Mini Floating Thermometer
5" floating thermometer w/suction cup.  Packed in clear plastic tube.  Range 0-50 C or ..
pH Calibration Buffer Solution 4.01 230 mL
pH Calibration Buffer Solution 4.01 230 mL (7.77 oz) ..
pH Calibration Buffer Solution 7.01 230 mL
pH Calibration Buffer Solution 7.01 230 mL (7.77 oz) ..
pH Meter Buffer Solution, 4.01 (20ml)
pH Meter Buffer Solution, 4.01 (20ml)     ..
pH meter Buffer Solution,pH 7.01 (20ml)
pH meter Buffer Solution,pH 7.01 (20ml)  Keep out of reach of Children.   ..
pH Test Strips Beer Range-4.6-6.2
pH Test Strips Beer Range 4.6-6.2. 100 per Package   ..
pH Test Strips Universal Range-2.0-10.0
pH Test Strips Universal Range 2.0-10.0.     ..
pH Test Strips Wine Range-2.8-4.4
pH Test Strips Wine Range-2.8-4.4. 100 per package     ..
Proof and Tralle Alcoholmeter 14"
Proof scale 0-200, Tralle scale 0-100. For distilled liquors only, not for beer or wine. Save..
Racking Tube Tip
Replacement tip for racking tube     ..
Sodium Hydroxide 4oz
SODIUM HYDROXIDE 1/5 normal, 4 oz. This must be shipped UPS only, it is not allowed to be..
SUGAR REFRACTOMETER 0-32% BRIX Includes: Hard case, soft field case, pipette, cleaning cloth,..
Titrets (Sulfite Test Kit)
Titrets (Sulfite Test Kit) comes with tittrettor and enough viles for 10 tests. Sulfite Test ..
Triple Scale Hydrometer
SG scale 0.80-1.150; potential ABV scale 0-16%; sugar per liter scale 0-34.    ..
Vinmetrica SC-100A
The Vinmetrica SC-100A Wine Sulfite (SO2) Analyzer Kit The SC-100A analyzer gives you confide..
Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit
The Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer Kit The Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer gives accurate an..
VINOMETER (5")  Measures amount of alcohol in your wine. For higher proof readings use a..
1kg Blade Scale
1/10th g accuracy, 1000g capacity, back lit display. Includes expansion tray, pouch and batteries..
20cc Syringe
20cc Syringe     This item qualifies for special $1.25 shipping on up to&nb..
5000g Kitchen scale
Dial display, 11lb (5000gm) capacity. Includes removable bowl. No batteries required. ..
650g Digital Mini Scale
4 weight modes: g, oz, gn, ct. auto off function. LCD display. Batteries included. Ideal for weig..
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